About us

Bochiká Bitata, Abogado

Our team has four qualified lawyers who have degrees from the following universities: Nebrija University, UIB, Madrid Complutense University and UNED (Spanish Open University). We specialize in criminal law, administrative law, immigration law, employment and civil rights.

We have over fifteen years of experience working in the public administration within the department of National Security (Guardia Civil, Police Force, The Military & The Local Police).

We have the advice of a well renowned lawyer with an outstanding academic profile, fighting for the rights of civil servants (appeals against disciplinary offenses, gubernatorial records of separation and as a prosecuting lawyer in different fields (workplace
Discrimination, employee rights, tax evasion…) Together we have a broad view of the legal field which enable us to deliver a high quality service to all our costumers.

Our values

Our main objective is to deliver all our services with confidentiality and professionalism.

We talk with honesty and sincerity. We do not waste time with protocols and complicated jargon when we communicate with our clients. We use everyday terms, terms that anyone can understand. The quality of our services is not only found in our academic profiles, it is also in our perseverance and eye for detail in which we treat every single case. We put our clients’ interest first, It does not matter whether the client is pressing charges or acussed.

Our practice has significant amount of experience in the penal system, prosecution and defense, domestic violence, crimes against property, crimes against sexual freedom, human rights, drug trafficking, benefit fraud, road and traffic offences.

In the civil rights department, we deal we family law (separations, divorce), in administration: disciplinary proceedings, defending complaints against the police, mobbing, harassment at work.

We believe that the experience what we have in the criminal law, procedural law, civil, employment and administrative are very strong features within our firm. Our track record as police officers (civil servants) has provided us with a very strong foundation as the police force and the penal system have procedures that are common to both.